Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How To Pray Solat Hajat

Today i would to share with all muslim & muslimat the betterway how to do the best & efficiency may Allah S.W.T listen and fullfill our wish in solat hajat.

This Knowledge i got from Ustaz from mersing, Johor, Malaysia.

Firstly we need to pick a right time to the solat. Example 1/3 midnight.After solat Magrib or after solat Duha.

Then we need to solat taubat 2 rakaat.

Steps solat hajat:

1. Before pray the most import is we need to do is invoke(requestation) first.This the secret how to do it.
2. After that, we pray solat hajat 2 rakaat like ussual.
3. The surah that we recite in first and second rakaat is suratul ikhlas about
(11x each rakaat)
4. We need to do at least 4 rakaat with 2 salam.
5. The more rakaat we do, The more door of our reguest is open.

" We has no power but Allah S.W.T is AllMighty, Allah S.W.T has magic to fullfill our wish. Let's us pray and invoke to Allah S.W.T."

After we practically this method. May Allah fullfill our wish. Amin....ya rabal aalamin..

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